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Luxury Holiday in Bhutan

Mountains are blanketed with evergreen forests and dotted with Buddhist temples, valleys are sliced by glacial rivers and the piney air is delicious and clean. Bhutan’s luxury hotels and lodges are divine, but it is the Bhutanese people that make trips to Bhutan so special – they are extremely quick to laugh, and they’ve even been ranked number one in the world for Gross National Happiness!

Bhutan is perhaps the most fascinating of the Himalayan kingdoms as travel entry was forbidden to visitors until 1974, and even after that numbers were still minimal. Landlocked by the mighty Himalayan peaks, Bhutan has been doubly protected from external influences, and as a result, the traditional way of life has survived largely intact. Deep rooted Bhutanese culture means that archery is still the national sport, and the gracious, gentle people continue to wear traditional dress: elegant wraparound skirts or "kira" for the women and checked, floor-length belted robes or "Gho" for the men. Daily life is awash with fascinating local culture; villagers assemble for vibrant local festivals in the dzong or monasteries, and mask-dancing in the temples, we will happily organise a cultural tour of Bhutan around one of these festivals. Bhutan's scenery is magnificent; monasteries hang over precipitous drops, often wreathed in mist, and there are pristine pine forests, fertile valleys, and high rugged mountain passes – all of which make a varied and exhilarating destination for Bhutan trekking or an active holiday. Bhutan luxury holidays are always an enriching and unique experience. The "Land of the Thunder Dragon" is one of the last remaining strongholds of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism and its rich cultural heritage is visible in the white-walled dzongs with their communities of studying monks, the decor of peoples' homes and the ornately painted wall motifs.

Tours to Bhutan have something to offer all types of travellers. Whatever the type of vacation, Bhutan is perfect for a luxury tailor made tour, a trekking holiday or a spiritual break. A holiday to Bhutan will guarantee stunning landscapes, gracious hospitality and a glimpse into a lifestyle and culture long forgotten by the modern world.

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